the 10th NIKKEI FT Communicable Diseases Conference

The 10thTowards a Society Resistant to Communicable Diseases

NIKKEI FT Communicable Diseases Conference

October16(Mon.) - 18(Wed.)2023

  • Dr. Shigeru OMI, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Shigeru OMI, MD, PhD

  • Prof. Nahoko SHINDO, MD, PhD

    lecturerProf. Nahoko SHINDO, MD, PhD

  • Mr. Takeshi AKAHORI

    lecturerMr. Takeshi AKAHORI

  • Hideaki ANAN, MD, PhD, FJSIM

    lecturerHideaki ANAN, MD, PhD, FJSIM

  • Dr. ARAKI Hiroto, MD, PhD, MPH

    lecturerDr. ARAKI Hiroto, MD, PhD, MPH

  • Dr. Hideki ARAOKA, MD, PhD.

    lecturerDr. Hideki ARAOKA, MD, PhD.

  • Dr. Kazunari ASANUMA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Kazunari ASANUMA, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Manica BALASEGARAM

    lecturerDr. Manica BALASEGARAM

  • Francesca CEDDIA, MD

    lecturerFrancesca CEDDIA, MD

  • Mr. Thomas B. CUENI

    lecturerMr. Thomas B. CUENI

  • Mr. Hirotsugu DAISHIMA

    lecturerMr. Hirotsugu DAISHIMA

  • Mr. Safwan DAMES

    lecturerMr. Safwan DAMES

  • Dr. Lucica DITIU

    lecturerDr. Lucica DITIU

  • Dr. Yohei DOI, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Yohei DOI, MD, PhD

  • Ms. Tomoko EGUCHI

    lecturerMs. Tomoko EGUCHI

  • Dr. Hiroyoshi ENDO

    lecturerDr. Hiroyoshi ENDO

  • Prof Jeff FRENCH

    lecturerProf Jeff FRENCH

  • Yoko FUJIMOTO, M.D., Ph.D.,

    lecturerYoko FUJIMOTO, M.D., Ph.D.,

  • Dr Tedros Adhanom GHEBREYESUS

    lecturerDr Tedros Adhanom GHEBREYESUS

  • Yasuyuki GOMI, Ph.D.,

    lecturerYasuyuki GOMI, Ph.D.,

  • Dr Malin GRAPE

    lecturerDr Malin GRAPE

  • M.D.,Ph.D Michinari HAMAGUCHI

    lecturerM.D.,Ph.D Michinari HAMAGUCHI

  • Dr. Akihisa HARADA, M.D., Ph.D.

    lecturerDr. Akihisa HARADA, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Mr. Ryousuke HARADA

    lecturerMr. Ryousuke HARADA

  • Dr Richard HATCHETT

    lecturerDr Richard HATCHETT

  • Eiji HINOSHITA, MD, PhD, MSc

    lecturerEiji HINOSHITA, MD, PhD, MSc

  • Shoji HIRASHIMA, Ph.D.

    lecturerShoji HIRASHIMA, Ph.D.

  • Prof. Kenji HIRAYAMA, MD. Ph.D.

    lecturerProf. Kenji HIRAYAMA, MD. Ph.D.

  • Mr. Yoshihide HIRUTA

    lecturerMr. Yoshihide HIRUTA

  • Mr. Takeo HOJO

    lecturerMr. Takeo HOJO

  • YUKA HONDA, PhD (Medicine)

    lecturerYUKA HONDA, PhD (Medicine)

  • Mr.HORI Hiroyuki

    lecturerMr.HORI Hiroyuki

  • Dr. Kiyotaka HOSHINAGA M.D.,Ph.D.

    lecturerDr. Kiyotaka HOSHINAGA M.D.,Ph.D.

  • Mr. Atsushi ICHIKAWA

    lecturerMr. Atsushi ICHIKAWA

  • Mr. Masayuki IMAGAWA, M.B.A., M.Sc., R.Ph.

    lecturerMr. Masayuki IMAGAWA, M.B.A., M.Sc., R.Ph.

  • Dr. Akifumi IMAMURA, M.D.

    lecturerDr. Akifumi IMAMURA, M.D.

  • Ichiro INNAMI PhD

    lecturerIchiro INNAMI PhD

  • Hajime INOUE, MD, MPH, DrPH

    lecturerHajime INOUE, MD, MPH, DrPH

  • Ken J. ISHII, M.D., Ph.D.

    lecturerKen J. ISHII, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Satoshi IWATA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Satoshi IWATA, MD, PhD

  • Ichiro KAMOSHITA M.D.,Ph.D.

    lecturerIchiro KAMOSHITA M.D.,Ph.D.

  • Prof. Akira KANEKO, MD, PhD, DTM&H

    lecturerProf. Akira KANEKO, MD, PhD, DTM&H

  • Prof. Dr. KANO Mitsunobu, MD/PhD

    lecturerProf. Dr. KANO Mitsunobu, MD/PhD

  • Dr. Shigeyuki KANO, MD, PhD, Hon PhD (Mahidol)

    lecturerDr. Shigeyuki KANO, MD, PhD, Hon PhD (Mahidol)

  • Dr. Seiya KATO

    lecturerDr. Seiya KATO

  • Prof. Yoshihiro KAWAOKA DVM, PhD

    lecturerProf. Yoshihiro KAWAOKA DVM, PhD

  • Dr. Naoto KEICHO, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Naoto KEICHO, MD, PhD

  • Ms. Fumiko KIMOTO

    lecturerMs. Fumiko KIMOTO

  • Prof. KITA Kiyoshi

    lecturerProf. KITA Kiyoshi

  • Junichi KOGA, Ph.D.

    lecturerJunichi KOGA, Ph.D.

  • Ms. Yoshiko KOJIMA

    lecturerMs. Yoshiko KOJIMA

  • Osamu KOMAGATA, Ph.D.

    lecturerOsamu KOMAGATA, Ph.D.

  • Mr. Michikazu KOSHIBA

    lecturerMr. Michikazu KOSHIBA

  • Prof. Osamu KUNII, MD, MPH, PhD,

    lecturerProf. Osamu KUNII, MD, MPH, PhD,


    lecturerKUNIMITSU Ayano, MD, MPH, PhD

  • Dr. Kiyoshi KUROKAWA

    lecturerDr. Kiyoshi KUROKAWA

  • Dr. Shunsuke MABUCHI

    lecturerDr. Shunsuke MABUCHI

  • Prof. Dr. Izuru MAKIHARA

    lecturerProf. Dr. Izuru MAKIHARA

  • Mr Robert MATIRU

    lecturerMr Robert MATIRU

  • Keisuke MATSUBAYASHI, MD, PhD, MSc

    lecturerKeisuke MATSUBAYASHI, MD, PhD, MSc

  • Ms. Arika MATSUI

    lecturerMs. Arika MATSUI

  • Ms. Kyoko MATSUMOTO

    lecturerMs. Kyoko MATSUMOTO

  • Mr. Shinji MATSUMOTO

    lecturerMr. Shinji MATSUMOTO

  • Mr. Atsushi MIMURA

    lecturerMr. Atsushi MIMURA

  • Prof. Noboru MINAKAWA Ph.D.

    lecturerProf. Noboru MINAKAWA Ph.D.

  • Mr. Takeshi MITANI

    lecturerMr. Takeshi MITANI

  • Mr. Mitsuru MIYATA

    lecturerMr. Mitsuru MIYATA

  • Dr. Daisuke MIZUSHIMA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Daisuke MIZUSHIMA, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Yasuyoshi MORI, PhD

    lecturerDr. Yasuyoshi MORI, PhD

  • Mr. Kotaro NAGASAKI

    lecturerMr. Kotaro NAGASAKI

  • Mr. Hiroji NAKAMURA

    lecturerMr. Hiroji NAKAMURA

  • Mr. Toshiaki NAGASATO

    lecturerMr. Toshiaki NAGASATO

  • Mr. Susumu NAMIKAWA

    lecturerMr. Susumu NAMIKAWA

  • Prof. Yumiko NARA, PhD

    lecturerProf. Yumiko NARA, PhD

  • Mr. Takeshi NARUSE

    lecturerMr. Takeshi NARUSE

  • Mr. Takatsugu NIKI

    lecturerMr. Takatsugu NIKI

  • Dr. Itaru NISHIZUKA

    lecturerDr. Itaru NISHIZUKA

  • Dr. Hideaki NOJIRI, PhD

    lecturerDr. Hideaki NOJIRI, PhD

  • Mr. Ryoji NORITAKE

    lecturerMr. Ryoji NORITAKE

  • Prof. Kazumasa OGURO

    lecturerProf. Kazumasa OGURO

  • Norio OHMAGARI, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.

    lecturerNorio OHMAGARI, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Yoshinori OHSUMI

    lecturerDr. Yoshinori OHSUMI

  • Dr. Kunio OKADA

    lecturerDr. Kunio OKADA

  • Ms. Yuri OKURA

    lecturerMs. Yuri OKURA

  • Kazuya OMI, Ph.D.

    lecturerKazuya OMI, Ph.D.

  • Julio Alonso PADILLA, PhD

    lecturerJulio Alonso PADILLA, PhD

  • Mr. Michael PEEL

    lecturerMr. Michael PEEL

  • Dr. Brigitte QUENUM

    lecturerDr. Brigitte QUENUM

  • Mr. Neren RAU

    lecturerMr. Neren RAU

  • Dr. John H. REX, MD

    lecturerDr. John H. REX, MD

  • PhD. Tomonori SASAKI

    lecturerPhD. Tomonori SASAKI

  • Takafumi SATO, PhD

    lecturerTakafumi SATO, PhD

  • Mr. Tomohisa SATO

    lecturerMr. Tomohisa SATO

  • Ms. Takuko SAWADA

    lecturerMs. Takuko SAWADA

  • Mr. Yoichi SHIMADA

    lecturerMr. Yoichi SHIMADA

  • Mr. Hirokazu SHIMODA

    lecturerMr. Hirokazu SHIMODA

  • Prof. Dr. Takayoshi SHIMOHATA, MD, PhD

    lecturerProf. Dr. Takayoshi SHIMOHATA, MD, PhD

  • Ms. Yuko SHIOZAKI

    lecturerMs. Yuko SHIOZAKI

  • Mr. Takahiro SOEJIMA

    lecturerMr. Takahiro SOEJIMA

  • Kengo SONODA, PhD

    lecturerKengo SONODA, PhD

  • Mr. Joji SUGAWARA

    lecturerMr. Joji SUGAWARA


    lecturerJun SUGIHARA, MD, MPH, DTM&H

  • Dr. Tomohiko SUGISHITA

    lecturerDr. Tomohiko SUGISHITA

  • Manabu SUMI, MD, MPH, PhD

    lecturerManabu SUMI, MD, MPH, PhD

  • Dr. Yosuke SUNAHARA

    lecturerDr. Yosuke SUNAHARA

  • Prof. Toshiaki SUNAZUKA, PhD

    lecturerProf. Toshiaki SUNAZUKA, PhD

  • Dr. Motoi SUZUKI, MD PhD

    lecturerDr. Motoi SUZUKI, MD PhD

  • Prof. Yasuhiro SUZUKI

    lecturerProf. Yasuhiro SUZUKI

  • Mr. Masao TAKAHASHI

    lecturerMr. Masao TAKAHASHI

  • Dr. Yoshihiro TAKAYAMA, MD

    lecturerDr. Yoshihiro TAKAYAMA, MD

  • Mr. Keizo TAKEMI

    lecturerMr. Keizo TAKEMI

  • Dr. Nozomi TAKESHITA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Nozomi TAKESHITA, MD, PhD

  • Mr. Ikuo TAKIZAWA

    lecturerMr. Ikuo TAKIZAWA

  • Mr. Toru TANZAWA

    lecturerMr. Toru TANZAWA

  • Dr. Toshibumi TANIGUCHI, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Toshibumi TANIGUCHI, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Junko TANUMA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Junko TANUMA, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Kazuhiro TATEDA, MD, PhD

    lecturerDr. Kazuhiro TATEDA, MD, PhD

  • Yasunori TAWARAGI, PhD

    lecturerYasunori TAWARAGI, PhD

  • Isao TESHIROGI, Ph.D.

    lecturerIsao TESHIROGI, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Amit N. THAKKER

    lecturerDr. Amit N. THAKKER

  • Mr. Ryota TODOROKI

    lecturerMr. Ryota TODOROKI

  • Mr. Susumu TSUBAKI

    lecturerMr. Susumu TSUBAKI

  • Hiroaki UENO, Ph.D.

    lecturerHiroaki UENO, Ph.D.

  • Mr. Yasuhiro UESHIMA

    lecturerMr. Yasuhiro UESHIMA

  • Hayato URABE, PhD, MPIA

    lecturerHayato URABE, PhD, MPIA

  • Prof. Yoko URYUHARA, MBA, PhD

    lecturerProf. Yoko URYUHARA, MBA, PhD

  • Dr. Atsushi USAMI

    lecturerDr. Atsushi USAMI

  • Mr. Hajime WATARI

    lecturerMr. Hajime WATARI

  • Mr. Koichi YAMADA

    lecturerMr. Koichi YAMADA

  • Mr. Yasuhide YAMADA

    lecturerMr. Yasuhide YAMADA

  • Mr. Hisahiko YANO

    lecturerMr. Hisahiko YANO

  • Dr. Yasuhiro YASUTOMI, DVM, PhD

    lecturerDr. Yasuhiro YASUTOMI, DVM, PhD

  • Mr. Hiroshi YOSHIDA

    lecturerMr. Hiroshi YOSHIDA


    • 09/07/2023
    • Aligned with this UN General Assembly, Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference will host a side event with GHIT Fund, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and StopTB Partnership on “Ongoing pandemic (tuberculosis) response and future pandemic preparedness – How to make synergy”" on September 22 in New York. Please find details and registration here.

    • 08/18/2023
    • Program is released.

    • 06/23/2023
    • Pre-registration is now open.

    • 04/27/2023
    • Nagasaki University, the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund), and Uniting to Combat NTDs; in association with Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference, will hold an international symposium “G7 Health Ministers' Meeting, Nagasaki Commemoration: Symposium on Accelerating Research, Development, Access, and Delivery for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)” on Friday, May 12, 2023, at 11:00 a.m., coinciding with the G7 Summit Health Ministers Meeting (May 13 and 14, 2023). Please find details and online registration here.






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