第8回日経・FT感染症会議 - NIKKEI FT
Communicable Diseases Conference

開催日 2021年10月27日(水)-28日(木)参加料無料 事前登録抽選制 dates October 27 (Wed.) -28 (Thu.) 2021


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Why has the crisis resurfaced and why is it happening again? Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Japan has been confronted with numerous obstacles for example limited testing capacity, shortage of hospital beds, and delays in digitalization. Despite a relatively lower level of infection at the early stage of the pandemic, the country’s vaccine rollout crucial for economic recovery lags significantly behind. Necessity of improvement in surveillance or healthcare system, border control, R&D and manufacture of domestically produced vaccine -- Although the 2010 report compiled by the national review council in response to the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza pandemic contained a series of recommendations that were common to the response to the COVID-19, it did not lead to adequate preparedness.

Nikkei Inc. has been organizing the annual Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference (formerly named as Nikkei Asia Africa Conference on Communicable Diseases) since 2014, gathering internationally renowned experts in the field; representatives of the private sector, academia and high-ranking government officials responsible for health, both within and outside Japan. Through the open discussions shedding light on issues around infectious diseases of the time, A/H1N1, Ebola virus disease, and COVID-19 also, the conference has proposed concrete and practical action plans towards pandemic preparedness.

The 8th Nikkei FT Communicable Diseases Conference will seek a path to further fight against COVID-19 and prepare for the future pandemic by probing structural challenges revealed by COVID-19. Standing at a mid- to long-term point of view, the conference will also incorporate discussions on such emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases as malaria and antimicrobial resistance. The outcomes of the conference will be disseminated around the world through Nikkei’s diverse media network, driving the momentum even further.



 第8回を迎える本年は、COVID-19が投げかけた感染症対策の構造的な問題にも切り込み、次なるパンデミックを視野に、平時からの準備体制を含め中長期的な視点から課題解決の方策を探ります。マラリアなど途上国を中心に流行する新興・再興感染症にCOVID-19が与えた影響や、そこに立ち向かう国内外の動きなどについても取り上げる予定です。議論の成果は「東京感染症ステートメント2021」として提言を取りまとめ、盛り込まれた行動計画について、会議から派生した「Asia Africa Medical Innovation Consortium(AMIC)」の活動を通じて具体化につなげていきます。日本経済新聞社のグローバルメディアを通じ国内外に幅広く情報発信し、感染症対策における日本発のリーダーシップを確たるものとします。

Overview - 開催概要

Dates日 時 October 27 (Wed.) -28 (Thu.) 2021
Organizer主 催 Nikkei Inc.
Co-organizers共 催 THE FINANCIAL TIMES LTD, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Financial Times、東京都
Supporters後 援 CABINET OFFICE, Office of Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)
In association with企画協力 Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Science Analytics Partnerデータ協力 Airfinity
Sponsors協 賛

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